Work in progress …

Work in progress …

I am pleased that over the years I have been able to develop the quality of patience.  Add in a large dose of persistence and I can perform tasks that leave others pulling their hair out!  However, I am no saint: my ultimate sense of achievement and satisfaction may well have been tempered with a large number of frustrations along the way, the air may have turned blue and my cat Henry’s ear’s may have flattened to his head as I have voiced a few choice expletives!

Having good friends to whom you can “vent your spleen” or get your frustrations “off your chest” (both apposite as that’s where your negative energies will be lodge themselves) will help. Often your friends will put things into better perspective for you as you are too deeply immersed into your issue to see the easy way through – and they may inject some humour into the equation too.

Of course, your good friend could also be your superconscious mind/high self/God/Spirit/an Archangel or some other elevated ethereal Being. I often call on Archangel Michael when I have computer issues.  That wonderful Being is great with technology and has never failed to resolve my issues.

Patience is a learned skill and as the sages often say, “practice makes perfect”!

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