Speak your Truth

Speak your Truth

Sam Child, the daughter of one of my former SRT students, wrote this piece on her FaceBook page.  It is truly inspiring so I thought I would share it with you all.

Throughout my life, I have always sought to tell the truth – even to a fault, some might say! A necessary ingredient for trust, truthfulness (or satya) has always come easily to me… except for when it hasn’t; speaking my truth, it would seem, is another ball game entirely – requiring measures of courage heartier than those which I deemed my heart to hold.

To speak your truth requires a steadfast confidence – confidence not only in your ability to express yourself clearly, but confidence in your whole being, your very existence. To speak your truth requires trust. You must trust in the value of your own voice; you must trust in your unshakeable, unconditional worth. To speak your truth demands a soul deep, gut-wrenching vulnerability, and a willingness to risk that your truth may be met unfavourably. It requires a steadfastness – to sit with your feelings (no matter how uncomfortable), and to stand in your power.

This is my commitment to use my voice, to speak my truth – with kindness and clarity. I am learning, still learning, to free the words from the cage of my chest – rather than brandishing them as weapons against my own heart. Slowly (but surely), I am learning that my unspoken words only become the binding rope with which I hold myself captive. Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I have the power to set myself free. I have done all along.

Today, I wish you all the courage to speak your truth (even if your voice shakes).”

Thank you Sam!


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