SuperConnect3 – Beyond Limits Energy Healing

SuperConnect3 – Beyond Limits Energy Healing

Beyond Limits Energy Healing has many practitioners in Asia but it had never been taught in the UK before. Alice (bottom row, second from right) came in August 2015 from Hong Kong 2015 to Kent to teach us how to use the system. Everyone had fun and learned many new skills that can easily be taken out into the world to help others.  Thank you Alice!

Student comment: “The material is easy to understand and the charts are great.”


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    I remember the class very well and using the material is great! Meanwhile I happened to organise a German speaking class and the community in Germany and Austria was very happy to have Alice and Linda teaching the class in Mondsee in 2017. Again we had lots of fun and are very grateful! Linda, we are looking forward to seeing you again over here!

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