SuperConnect2 Taipei & Hong Kong Classes

SuperConnect2 Taipei & Hong Kong Classes

Every possible preparation went into the organisation of the classes in Taipei and Hong Kong and Alice, Vincent, Kenneth and Fangci had all worked hard to ensure that things would be right for the SuperConnect2 classes. However, even when we are seemingly prepared for all eventualities, life throws in a few curve balls!
No-one could have predicted that Alice’s husband would be admitted to hospital on the day she and I flew to Taipei and that she would have to return early to Hong Kong. (Note: He is fully recovered.)
The usual venue for classes in Taipei was unavailable and an alternative had been offered. Sadly it turned out to be unsuitably located in a back alley with a vendor cooking street food literally outside the front door!  Our hotel volunteered their 2nd-floor lounge area, open to the public but a safe, clean and airy space. A make-shift screen which was hastily created by taping large sheets of paper to the glass wall dividing us from the gym! We had a few interested onlookers, fascinated with the subject matter and a wonderfully rowdy group of Italian men much more focused on having fun and drinking their coffee.  These minor difficulties were overcome with patience and good humour!  Thank you to Ingrid for stepping in on the last day to translate.
Hong Kong without Alice’s guiding hand was a little strange for me, however, the wonderful Fiona (thank you!) stepped in to translate for me and did a wonderful job.  The students were bright, fun and lovely and we had a great class.
All too soon it was time to return to the UK.
Thank you everyone for making my visit such a joy.



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