SuperConnect1 Mondsee, Austria

SuperConnect1 Mondsee, Austria

Mondsee has become one of my favourite places in the world.  That part of Austria is breathtakingly beautiful whatever the weather – and boy oh! boy, we had it all.  I arrived in pouring rain, then we had fog, sleet, snow and sunshine!  I was ecstatic to see everywhere covered in a layer of snow but fortunately for those travelling to the venue and for the locals, it came and went in a day.

Many friends came back together for the class and we had some newbies too, so a good mix of bright, intelligent, searching questions were sent my way!  Christiane, as always, did an incredible job translating during class and treated us to her amazing singing meditations, where she channels healing frequencies and resonances from other Beings and other worlds.

We all had a lot of fun together working with the materials, discovering yet more “ah, ha!” moments and building on last year’s SC2 class.

Thank you everyone – it was a delight to be with you – and I look forward very much to seeing you all again next May for SC3 – Beyond Limits Energy Healing!


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