SuperConnect1 February Class

SuperConnect1 February Class


Storm Doris brought rather tempestuous weather on the first day of class and gave us all a rather unexpected opportunity to get some fresh air. When the garden furniture flew across the courtyard we had to rush out to retrieve it and prevent it from causing damage to the garden or even from crashing in through the windows!  However, despite this minor diversion, the class pretty quickly got back on track.

Amongst the seven delightful students were two new dowsers, who were soon working like pros! Well done to you both and grateful thanks to our other class members for their support and encouragement, which went a long way towards boosting their confidence.

I did my best to deal with some big philosophical questions. (The only answer I know to “the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything”  is the number 42 – as given by the computer Deep Thought in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!)  More seriously, there were many “ah-ha” moments as past events and relationship issues slotted into place during dowsing.

All the students were impressed with the simplicity of SuperConnect1 and how it could be used in such a free and creative way – no set rules or regulations – just infinite flexibility to receive answers and guidance. Everyone also loved the quality and style of the handbook and charts and were looking forward to using their new skills with their family, friends and clients.


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