SuperConnect 1 – Relaxed and easy learning

SuperConnect 1 – Relaxed and easy learning

The first SuperConnect1 class to be taught in Ireland was a great success, all participants enjoying the relaxed and informal learning process. For me, it was a new experience teaching in Abbeyleix which is about an hour away from Dublin. Good news! The hotel is hoping to upgrade their conference centre and projection equipment this September/October, so our next class there will be even more comfortable. The hotel is right next to Abbeyleix Bog which was both beautiful, tranquil and almost eerily quiet – on my evening walks I felt I could well have been the only person left in the world!

The full-colour charts and handbook were a nice surprise and very well received by the new students, all expressing delight at how the soft colours enhanced their learning process and saying that the materials were a real joy to work with. I’ve always believed that if you enjoy doing something you learn much faster, so from my perspective quality materials that are both beautiful to look and handle, as well as easy to understand, are a must. (Thank you to my wonderful printers – Absolute Creative Print in Maidstone – I so appreciate you.)

I have never experienced Irish students wanting to come early to class – being early is rather alien to most of them! However, class began at 8.30am on Sunday so that at lunchtime we could visit the Scarecrow Festival in Durrow, just ten minutes’ drive from the hotel. There were hundreds of scarecrows strategically positioned all over the village but the one above above really amused me! In a way in summed up our class, that is, the ability to have a flexible approach or to “bend with the wind” so that everyone could learn in a way that suited them.

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    I love the picture!!!!!!!!!!! What a great sense of humor!!! The seminar I am sure was phenomenal!!!

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