SuperConnect 3 Class – Mondsee, Austria

SuperConnect 3 Class – Mondsee, Austria

This is the third year a SuperConnect class has been held at the Landgasthof Prielbauer in Mondsee, Austria and we were again blessed with gorgeous weather, enabling us to spend our break times outside and to walk in the beautiful countryside after class. The views are spectacular with mountains in the distance and green fields all around – really healing for the soul!
We had a good mix of Austrian and German students, two of whom were completely new to SuperConnect.
This time Alice flew in from Hong Kong to take the class. Her teaching was passionate, energetic and creative and everyone learned many new approaches to healing.
As always, Christiane did an excellent job translating from English to German. Quite a task, as Alice’s enthusiasm for SuperConnect3 (Beyond Limits Energy Healing) is such that she sometimes didn’t take a breath between sentences!

A wonderfully uplifting class, enjoyed by all.

Thank you Universe!

(Seated left to right: Christiane/Linda/Alice)



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