Linda Turner

How to diffuse your emotional response quickly and effectively

This simple formula will help you release any pent-up emotions before they begin to cause issues within your body. How you feel about something in the moment is personal to you and you must allow yourself to feel as you do. However, do not allow the feelings of a given moment to dictate how you […]

Pause for thought

From Neale Donald Walsch’s “God Wants You to Know” messages.

SC2 – Livingston, Scotland – February 2019

We had a superb class – full of fun, learning and enlightenment. The participants were staggered at the accuracy of the things that came up during research. We resolved some current ongoing issues and some very old ones too. We discovered that we had shared some other life experiences which, quite frankly, caused mass hysteria […]

Fairley Amazing – Odds & Ends

Into Susan’s awareness have come a few odds and ends that may need your attention. These are in chart-form for easy dowsing. Download here

Happy Christmas!

SuperConnection wishes you a joy filled Christmas and an abundantly happy, healthy, prosperous and exciting 2019!. Every possible blessing to you and your loved ones.

Miscellaneous Chart Set – free download

A collection of useful items for general dowsing purposes: Alphabet/Numerical equivalents Colours Days and Months of the week Chakras Numbers – 0 through to Beyond Infinity Beings Lifetimes Click here for your free download