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As a student of Ancient Wisdom, with particular relevance to the Cycle of Time and its historical relevance to our Planet and Solar System for some four decades, Susan has studied and practiced Colour, Energy and Dowsing techniques within that time.  She works closely for and with those who  are shepherding our planet and universe through its long awaited move to it’s intended Blueprint.
In 2016 she retired from a career as a health professional and formed her new company, Sandown Clinic Care - Self Help Solutions to spearhead many new, and many old and simple, ways to assist people to retain/regain their independence at every level....with a bias towards achieving good heath and mobility into great old age.  Her motto is “Look after yourself now so that you may remain in your own home, and not be in A Home!”.

Susan is an Executive Consultant of SC1/Sc2 and Sc3 and a Consultant of SC5

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