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My area of expertise is in the mire of addiction and  its associated antisocial  behaviour  traits.
Substance misuse, Alcohol, Gambling, Adrenalin, Dangerous Sports, Phobias, Anxiety.

For many years I struggled with my addiction to alcohol and sugar. I was trapped in a cycle of  Boom and Bust. Highs and Lows.  Denial and Desperation.

Then on 8th January 2006 something changed within  me ... I had really had enough and that is when I decided to turn my life around.

Without alcohol now for over 12 years I am clear headed and love my life. Life's challenges did not disappear but now I can face them head-on, knowing that I will come through the experience stronger and wiser.

Services offered

Superconnect 1 2. and 3. Using Numerology to understand your life purpose.  Spiritual energy channel.  HPAI  Registered Charity 507420 Member 0233H.   Facilitator for accredited group and 1-1  therapy.  Distant healing and sharing Aetherius Society teachings. Facilitator of The Transformation Game - capture the essence of the change process in the delightful form of a board game. Up to 4 players. 

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