How many things do you have on your mental or written list that you keep putting off until another day?

Do you habitually avoid doing something and then beat yourself up because you  haven’t done what you needed to?

Do you act against your better judgement?

Are you more interested in immediate gratification rather than future rewards?

Do you suffer lack of self-motivation or commitment?

How much longer can you justify your avoidance tactics?

Often the tasks we believe are going to be difficult are only that way in our minds; once we do them, usually with minimal effort, the rewards are huge.

  • a burden lifted.
  • freeing up of space in our minds, our home, on our ever-growing to do list.
  • freedom from guilt.
  • freedom to do something even more rewarding.

Begin NOW – and see what you can achieve.

HL Mencken wrote, “remorse is a regret that one waited so long to do it”.

In his Messages for the Day, Neale Donald Walsch expanded on this and said, “Do not off until tomorrow what you can do today. And don’t think that there is anything that your really want to do that you can’t do today. There is no reason to wait. None. Save the reasons your mind gives you – none of which are valid – all of which you are just making up. Quit it. Stop it. Stop the stopping. Start the starting. Really, because you know what? Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years so fast that you won’t know what happened. But you will know what didn’t happen. And you will feel true remorse. So let’s avoid that, shall we? Get going. Go for it.”

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