3. Consultant

Pauline Rose

Numerologist, Astrologer, Life coach, Reiki master. Worldwide clients. Helping you find yourself and your clear purpose in life. Superconnection brings an added dimension to my work. I have a true passion for all I do. More info from www.findyourpurpose.co.uk Services offered: SuperConnect2 Consultations SuperConnect3 (Beyond Limits) consultations

Diana Defries

I help people clear blocked emotions and limiting beliefs. This is done with a blend of Superconnect 1, Superconnect 2, The Emotion Code, Transcendental Dowsing, Pendulum healing Hypnosis, NLP and House healing (geopathic stress / geomancy). Initial consultations are generally over the phone or via Skype so we find out whether we can work together. […]

Chris Conroy

Services offered: SuperConnect 2 consultations SuperConnect 3 consultations

Brenda Hutchison

SuperConnect1 , 2, 3 & 5 consultations Original Bach Flower Remedies consultations