I have been undergoing a long lesson in patience, fortunately for me one of my strengths and for me not too difficult to achieve.  I know that for others patience is something often in short supply.  Mums with their kiddies, teenagers with their parents, wives with their husbands or vice versa, bosses with their employees, me with my internet connection!  We can all write at length about the things that try our patience, however recognising that all is in Divine Timing and letting the Universe provide are both key to our growth and sanity!

As today is an important day in the life of SuperConnection, I thought I’d have a quick look at Google to see what quotes were available about patience and of course found a myriad of different ones.  Apart from the image above these words caught my attention:

  • Have PATIENCE, all things are difficult before they become easy!
  • PATIENCE is a great virtue. We should learn from the Sun and the Moon. Both patiently wait for their turn and each one gets its chance to shine!

It’s been a long haul getting our beautiful new website up and running but it is most certainly worth waiting for! Thank you Katie and the team at Barn2 Media. Working with you towards our ultimate goal has been a pleasure and Alice and I look forward to working with you long into the future.

Thank you too SuperConnect consultants worldwide for your patience. We promised you a super website and we hope that you will all enjoy it and that you will take pleasure in being members of SuperConnection and what it has to offer.


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