It’s all part of life’s rich pattern …

It’s all part of life’s rich pattern …

My beloved cat Henry chose the evening before class to make his exit from this world, so it was a rather emotionally vulnerable teacher that had to gather every resource available in order to make it through day one without collapsing into floods of tears.  Fortunately, the loving empathy of the students and the support of vast numbers of beings from the spiritual realms enabled it to go forward without difficulty.

Had Henry purposesly chosen that time to return to Source? I think he had.  Teaching about our intimate connection to Mind of SPIRIT and everything in the Universe, no separation, Oneness, the eternal nature of the soul and the energies of the heart, certainly concentrated my own mind and helped to ease the pain of physical loss.

Happy students learning in their own way at their own pace, asking useful and sometimes probing questions, interacting with each other and getting deep into unresolved issues that had come to the fore, buzzing with excitement, the occasional moment of overwhelm, added family dramas at home to work on, a birthday celebration for George – all of this and more made the four days an exceptional experience and great fun.

Thank you everyone; it was a real pleasure to share this time with you. I know you will now share SuperConnect1 with many others to great effect.


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