Our Instructors

Linda and Alice are co-creators of SuperConnection and the two master instructors.

Alice Foehn (Hong Kong)


Alice teaches SC1, 2, 3 & 4

Linda Turner (UK)

Linda teaches all SuperConnection modules

If you are looking for information about dowsing classes or life improvement in general, our instructors can help. Alice and Linda both had successful careers in mainstream business and chose to make the transition into the world of energy healing to follow their vocation.

Both have learned and taught many different disciplines and in the recent past served together on the board of the Spiritual Response Association in Washington, USA where they were long-term certified teachers of Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring.

Together they bring a unique combination of skills to SuperConnection and, through their teaching and consulting work, intend to build further on their proven track record of helping to bring increased self-awareness and healing to many more students and clients.

The future

Some of our Consultants are already working towards becoming a qualified instructor. They will have worked with their chosen modality for two years and will have met all the criteria set down by the co-creators, so that you can be guaranteed good quality teaching from all our approved instructors.