An Opportunity for Growth

An Opportunity for Growth

A message for SuperConnection practitioners:

In being fully aware that all is in Divine Order and all part of the Divine Plan, we must see perfection and beauty in everything.

We know exactly when something does not resonate with us – when it is not a vibrational match to our Being, to the Divine inner core.

Allowing your heart to feel the energy is the first step in creating change. What messages are you being given? Be still, be quiet and listen. Open a dialogue with your Superconscious Mind/your Higher Self/your I AM PRESENCE/God within.

We know instinctively what we don’t want and what doesn’t work for us! We may see this as a gut reaction, but the heart sends the signal first to the mind/brain and then to the gut, so it’s OK if you want to think of it that way. Just as long as you FEEL!

Now we must change our perspective around whatever doesn’t work for us and see everything as an opportunity for growth rather than just more constraints.

In this way, we deal with any possible fear before it gets a hold of us and we keep our vibrations high. Fears are just thoughts that you have given power to and made them your reality.

Endeavour to see everything from the higher perspective, from your Cosmic Being/Divine Self. This enables you to be the neutral observer rather than a “victim” of what is going on in the world.

Our conscious mind/ego mind is there to protect us, so if it views something as a threat, then it will endeavour to deal with it. This causes stress, floods your body with adrenaline in readiness for potential action to thwart the threat.

If you don’t feel able to do this work mentally (remember you are the Mind of God!), then use the charts: Realize the threat/the fear, release, research (fear-based energies), reboot and replace (love-based energies). If there has been a big challenge, we can ask what positive lessons and messages are there to be learned?

You may find that the lessons are about tolerance, patience, self-belief, self-awareness or, most importantly, greater emphasis on you as a Divine Being of Light and Love, here on Earth to experience through being in a physical body.

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