What fun we had at the first SuperConnect 5 class – it was most certainly a learning curve for us all!

We spent a lot of time on the massage couches learning how to adjust the body (or having a well-earned few minutes shut-eye when we thought our colleagues were otherwise occupied)!

Lots of new information, clearly presented in easily usable charts formed the perfect antidote and diversion to this bodywork, however the new and sometimes challenging concepts did manage to tax our brains just a little.

Thank you Susan for your amazing Anatomy & Physiology knowledge.  We were all impressed; you were just like a walking talking encyclopedia!  Huge thanks too to Valentina whose expertise in Ayurveda enabled us to have easily understandable information in the handbook and nice simple charts to dowse on.

The next class will be 10th-13th May in Kent. Don’t miss it!


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