I went to the coast on Saturday to have lunch with a dear friend.  She’s a real source of inspiration to me. She’s extremely bright and capable, has a truly incisive mind and is apt to push me to think outside of my personal box – which I always think of as being quite large and spacious!  I admire her get up and go, willingness to try new things, her amazing connection to SPIRIT and her mischievous and dry sense of humour.  I always feel uplifted when I’ve been to see her, even though the journey is 50+ miles each way and this time was little tedious due to the pouring rain and the added insult of speed restrictions on a stretch of road where one can normally speed along very happily.

Over lunch she questioned me deeply about SuperConnection, what it did, how it worked, throwing a few spanners into my works along the way. When I showed her the three sets of charts she was staggered, threw her arms around me and told me they were absolutely amazing – something she described in a subsequent email as “your groundbreaking synthesisation of available esoteric healing” and “just what the 21st century needs to kick start at grass roots human recovery”.  Well, as the saying goes, “you could have knocked me down with a feather”!

It seems she is as greatly inspired by SuperConnection as I am by her willingness to drop her former career and reinvent herself and her healing business.  She is not a young woman but, like me, erring on the side of advancing physical maturity (even if our mental & emotional attitudes are still happily residing somewhere way back in the past!) Hat’s off to you, dear friend and here’s to the huge success you will of course achieve.

For my part, I am hugely grateful for her friendship over a long number of years. I then realised how lucky I am to have all my wonderful friends and family – who come in all shapes. sizes, colours, sexes, cultures, with different perspectives and unique experiences.  Life is so rich if only we sit and reflect for just a moment rather than allow it to whizz past us without a second glance.

Today, then is a day to reflect on your friendships: the people who mean such a lot to you who have helped form you into who you are now. Thank you dearest friends across the world – I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

(BTW: the photo is me with Regine & Susan from Malaysia and Cat from Singapore having a good time out at Adeline’s Villa!)

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