Messages from Matthew - January 2018

Fairley Amazing – Ancient Detox

This Ancient Toxins Chart and the December energy housekeeping blog on acidity are different aspects of the same thing and need to be used together, as well as simultaneously checking that your auric field’s protection is 100% and that there are no energy cysts of any kind needing clearing. Around every 2 to 3 days, […]

Happy Christmas!

Christmas is a time for reflection, gratitude and celebration. It is a magical time, full of sparkling possibilities! May you share joy, laughter – and most of all Love – with your family and friends. May you use this time to forgive and reconcile any differences, past hurts or wounds. May you bring Light into […]

Messages from Matthew – December 2017

I have been a follower of Messages from Matthew for many years and thought that it might be useful for others to read this information. I will post new Messages as they become available. Background: Matthew died in a car accident when he was very young and is channeled by his mother, Suzy Ward, bringing […]

Fairley Amazing – Energetic Tidying Up

ENERGETIC TIDYING UP For many people 2017 sees the end of a phase and 2018 the beginning of a whole new phase which is very much the outcome of all that has gone before. A New Phase and not just a New Year; it is a  Completion Point that has been reached and transcended. If […]

December 2017 newsletter article

Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing. ~ Rumi. As it’s coming up to the what some call the “silly” season, I thought I’d write a word or two about kindness. I’m not trying to preach or criticize anyone’s behaviour, just […]

Fairley Amazing – More Energy Housekeeping

In line with the current phase of broader spectrum and higher frequency light flowing onto our planet, two manifestations are showing up which you might like to dowse on. BODY ACIDITY Our memory banks are currently in overdrive as they dump vast amounts of very deep historical stress, fear and shock (in all its permutations) […]


What fun we had at the first SuperConnect 5 class – it was most certainly a learning curve for us all! We spent a lot of time on the massage couches learning how to adjust the body (or having a well-earned few minutes shut-eye when we thought our colleagues were otherwise occupied)! Lots of new […]

October 2017 newsletter article

WORK OR PLAY? Recently I taught SC1 to a small class of students. We had some deep, meaningful conversations and great pleasure researching the diverse charts to find and transmute underlying energetic blocks. One student said, “this is such fun – is it OK to enjoy it so much and to laugh, because my superconscious […]

Fairley Amazing – Energy Housekeeping … again!

  Our auric fields yet again appear to be being compromised by the waves of light currently coming in with the Galactic New Year, which started on 26 July. They are only 15% higher in frequency than we were receiving at the beginning of June 2017 but are significant because of the breadth of the […]