January – Book Recommendation

January – Book Recommendation

David Michie’s 5th book in the Dalai Lama’s Cat series – entitled “Awaken the Kitten Within”

Is it possible to recover the unaffected zest for life that once came to us so naturally? To become un-blasé? Can you and I, dear listener, awaken the kitten within?

The Dalai Lama’s Cat is confronted by a most unpleasant truth: she is getting old. A routine visit to the vet confirms this. But is a future of decrepitude and senior cat biscuits inevitably a cause for despair? As it happens, she soon finds that a startling reminder of life’s transience is exactly what’s needed to renew our gratitude for life. To lighten up, accept ourselves and value what truly matters.

With irrepressible mischief, the Dalai Lama’s Cat explores the intriguing insight that reality is a projection of our mind. In so doing, she comes to discover that awakening the kitten within is not just possible – it is our purpose! For when we do so with a particular wisdom, we catch a glimpse of our own sublime nature. This is the Dalai Lama’s Cat at her most tender, irreverent, joyful best.

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