January 2017 Newsletter article

January 2017 Newsletter article

Living for Today

How many of us constantly revisit something from our past and live our lives as though that thing is still current and happening now? All the time we concentrate our efforts on what has been, our energies are stuck in the past and we have no resources with which to create a better now or to plan good things for our future.

Picture from Dodinsky’s “In the Garden of Thoughts”,
a magical little book full of insight, comfort and understanding.
Illustrated by Amanda Cass

If we’re not living in the past, then maybe we’re living life on autopilot, doing things habitually with no consideration for the task, nor its outcome. NOW isn’t an obstacle to be overcome, it’s a moment to savour and enjoy!

Are you always in a rush to get somewhere so that you miss everything that’s going on around you? Practising mindfulness – that is becoming aware of what you are doing in a given moment – can really help to create less stress and bring you more peace.

  • Stop for just a moment and feel yourself breathe.
  • Bring your awareness to the item in your hand – pen, mouse, steering wheel, carrier bag, spanner. What it is doesn’t matter. Feel the texture and the sensation under your fingertips.
  • Slow down when you eat something and taste each mouthful, otherwise you will miss the pleasure that eating brings.
  • Stand and stare at the view, whether rural or city-scape and marvel at nature or the architecture.
  • Learn to experience without being judgmental. Allow yourself to feel your emotions but know that they don’t define you, knowing that your feelings of anger, frustration or jealousy will pass.

Learning SuperConnect – or having a SuperConnect session – will help you move forward from your past, become more aware of the now and to live a more enjoyable and fulfilling life!

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