Chart Changes and Additions SC1 and SC2

Chart Changes and Additions SC1 and SC2

During the course of this year both SuperConnect1 and SuperConnect2 have undergone some changes, ensuring that both modules are now in better order. Some charts from SC1 have been moved to SC2 and vice versa.

SC1 now concentrates on the spiritual nature of mankind and how human energy fields interact/are One with the energy of the Universe


SC2 offers insights into fundamental human beliefs and into mental, emotional and psychological blocks.

The new chart packs all have a small table in the bottom left-hand corner giving possible questions you may want to ask for each chart too.

Individual charts are available for download from the Members Area. Remember you are only granted access to charts for the classes you have taken!

For existing students only, new charts sets are available for purchase.

Please contact if you are interested in updating your materials.









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