Getting SuperConnect out there!

Getting SuperConnect out there!

As you may have seen on the Facebook page Debra and Shila are getting themselves and the things they can offer out to the public. In their toolbox are SuperConnect2 and SuperConnect 3 (Beyond Limits) and they offered taster sessions so that people could get a feel of the work.

Unfortunately the whole event was poorly supported which was sad for all the stallholders who, like Shila and Debra, had put a huge amount of effort into their preparations. However they have made some new contacts and given out a lot of the SuperConnect flyers so hopefully the word will continue to spread.

Last year they took SuperConnect3 (Beyond Limits Energy Healing) to the Mind Body Spirit event in London. As they will be attending the SuperConnect1 class in May, this year they will be taking the whole complement of SuperConnect modules to the show, where they are more confident of greater exposure.

Good work is always rewarded and we all continue to wish you the success you deserve!

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