February 2017 Newsletter article

February 2017 Newsletter article

Happy Valentine’s Day

The Feast Day of Saint Valentine was originally a day on which one or more early saints named Valentinus were honoured. It became associated with romantic love in the 14th century and in the 18th century became an occasion on which lovers gave gifts and a card declaring their love, otherwise known as a “Valentine”.

Today it has become a day for the expression of love – declared or sometimes unrequited. For those “in love” it is a day of high emotion and joy, for those more hard boiled it is just another example of over-commercialization by traders seemingly wishing to extract every penny they can from those foolish enough to subscribe to it!

Whatever camp you happen to be in, St Valentine’s Day does afford us all an opportunity to consider love and what it might mean to us personally.
Love is intangible. It can’t be defined; it means different things to different people. We can express love for a family member, friend, lover, animal, colleague, stranger, our country, a place we have visited, food/drink, art, music. The list is endless; nevertheless we use the word “love” as a prefix to describe how we feel and to emphasize the degree of affection/
compassion we hold towards a person or thing:  “I love you Mum/I love chocolate/I love Italy/I love punk rock/I love snow” etc. Used in this arbitrary way, we don’t stop to ponder the depth of the love we are espousing.

Our beliefs about love are often defined by our childhood experiences. If we were born into a loving caring family, expressing love may come very naturally to us and we in turn are likely to easily attract love into our lives. If we had a childhood of deprivation and abuse, or have been severely wounded by someone we loved, we may be more cynical and question the nature of love. As a grown up we may also look out at the world and see such suffering that we question whether there is a loving and benevolent creator God.

As a SuperConnect Instructor/Consultant, I very often hear the words, “I am afraid to love anything. If I do, it’s taken away from me, so it’s safer not to love in the first place.”  So many people harden their hearts and put an emotional padlock on them because they have been profoundly hurt and cannot bear any more pain.

Dr Bradley Nelson’s The Emotion Code uses the term “heart wall” to describe a barrier which effectively traps our emotions within the heart.

“Sometimes your subconscious mind will take that extra energy that is now in the heart area, and it will literally make a ‘wall’ with it. Why? To protect your heart from injury; to keep your heart from being totally broken.”

We can cause ourselves huge damage not only mentally and emotionally but physically as well. Our heart is closed, no love is able to get in or get out. We cannot give love for fear of losing it; we cannot receive love because with a closed heart we have no capacity to do so. Effectively we’ve completely shut ourselves down. We’re letting tour emotions rule and define us. Physically we may experience pain in our chest, neck and shoulders and ultimately if the blocks stay in place we may cause serious issues to our heart itself.

In SuperConnect1 you can learn about the energy of the heart and how its electromagnetic pulse affects the Earth’s rhythm and others within your environment. Learning to keep your heart energy clear and subsequently allowing yourself to receive and give love in equal measure can work miracles!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Love in abundance to you all!


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