SuperConnect1 – (SuperReconnection): Focuses on connection to Source/Universe/SPIRIT; the process of creation; nature of the soul; its energy fields, energy of the human body and its interaction with the energy of the Universe, including planetary influences.

SuperConnect2 – (SuperConnect): Focuses on mental, emotional and psychological aspects of self; belief structures, interaction with Universal Laws; how to remove blocks and create good in your life now.

SuperConnect3 – (Beyond Limits Energy Healing): Focuses on the energetic systems of the physical body; creating harmony and wellbeing; uses many unique healing techniques.

All our modules are simple to learn, easy to understand and effective. Each of them will bring you to greater self-awareness and empower you to take control of your life and create the changes you need to become happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

Yes, no previous experience of any kind is necessary.

No. A willing heart and mind are all that is needed. You may wish to consider taking SuperConnect1 first in order to give you a good grounding about the nature of energy.

No. Underpinning all the modules is a belief in an overall supreme energy being, sometimes called “God” depending upon culture. However, none of the modules are based on any religious beliefs, concepts, doctrines or dogma.

All modules require dowsing ability. However, for those who have never dowsed, a brief introduction will be given on Skype two/three weeks prior to class to allow time to practice.

No. You may take the modules in any order, at any time.

Not at the moment. It is possible that these may follow in the future.

Once you have completed your first SuperConnection class, have taken time to practice your skills with family and friends and you are confident in your new abilities, you may take your work out to the public.

Once you have taken a SuperConnection class you will be eligible to join our members site. As a paid-up member you will receive many benefits, be able to participate in a members’ forum, have your own web page on which you can advertise all you do.

Once you have taken a SuperConnection class you can become a Member straight away. You will be allocated a title commensurate with your experience. You can retain your membership title by paying your annual fee when it becomes due. Alternatively, you can upgrade your title after you have worked with SC1/SC2 or sC3 for one year by paying the required fee.  If you do not pay your membership fee then your details and privileges will be withdrawn immediately.

If your SuperConnection class is the first time you have dowsed, then following it and upon payment of the appropriate annual fee, you will be assigned the title Junior Consultant. You will remain a Junior Consultant for one year, at which time you may apply to become a Consultant.

If you are a seasoned dowser and can show evidence of your previous experience, then following your first SuperConnection class, and upon payment of the appropriate annual fee, you may apply to upgrade to the title of Consultant.

When you have served as a Consultant for one year, and upon payment of the appropriate annual fee, you may apply for an upgrade to the title of Executive Consultant.

When you have served as an Executive Consultant for one year, you will need to take your chosen modality again before you may apply to become an Instructor. Application does not necessarily guarantee automatic appointment, since teaching requires very different skills to consulting. Instructors will be assessed for competence/proven ability by one/both of the co-creators.

Once you have committed to a consultation, you will already be sending signals to the Universe that you are open for change. Your practitioner will work with you and use specially designed charts to find energetic blocks that are preventing you from moving forward and will offer you guidance and help empower you to create change.

Yes. Quite simply, everything in the Universe is created from energy. SuperConnection works with that energy in order to facilitate change and it will happen on some level whether or not you believe in it. However, it may not happen in the way that you expect!

Read Question 1 (above) and/or speak to your preferred practitioner for guidance. Whilst we have categorized the modalities, every area of our being – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual – is affected by a change in energy, so each modality will have a considerable impact.

Go with your instinct. If a name “jumps out” at you, or you just feel you like the sound of that person’s name, that’s a good enough starting point. All our practitioners know how to work to get the best from the system and can offer you help and guidance. If you want to meet your practitioner, then you will need to find someone in fairly close proximity – use the Consultants’ map. Otherwise, face-to-face meetings can be via Skype with a practitioner who may be anywhere in the world.

Energetically, whenever we are out of balance – mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually – we need some kind of healing. Healing is a personal journey and comes from within; our practitioners are not “healers”. They dowse for energetic blocks and have the energy transmuted (changed from fear-based to love-based) which then facilitates change wherever it is needed.