SuperConnect1 Offers insights into the spiritual nature of mankind and how, on all levels of its Being, a human’s energy field interacts and affects everything around it and is One with the energy of the Universe.

SuperConnect2 Offers insights into fundamental human beliefs and into mental, emotional and psychological blocks that can cause real difficulties and challenges in this lifetime.

SuperConnect3 Offers creative ways of working with the energy systems of the physical body, including the chakras, meridians and acupuncture points. Contains innovative virtual/energetic healing techniques that use the power of the mind to reprogramme the body towards healing.

SuperConnect4 Based on SC3, SC4 additionally offers new and innovative approaches towards understanding the needs of your cat or dog and helps to bring its physical body back to harmony and wellness.

SuperConnect5 Contains hands-on energetic bodywork as well as options for dowsing for increased health and well-being. Learn how to work on with the muscles, fascia and nerves, how to address toxicity and to discover remedies that can be vibrationally downloaded to help the physical body towards healing.

All our modules are simple to learn, easy to understand and effective. Each of them will bring you to greater self-awareness and empower you to take control of your life and create the changes you need to become happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

Yes, no previous experience of any kind is necessary.

No. A willing heart and mind are all that is needed. You may wish to consider taking SuperConnect1 first in order to give you a good grounding about the nature of energy.

No. Underpinning all the modules is a belief in an overall supreme energy being, sometimes called “God” depending upon culture. However, none of the modules are based on any religious beliefs, concepts, doctrines or dogma.

All modules require dowsing ability. However, for those who have never dowsed, a link to a video clip is provided in the SuperConnection Introductory Booklet.

It is strongly recommended that you take either SC1 or SC2 before taking SC3 or SC5.

SC4 is a two-day class and builds on the skills learned in SC3, therefore, you will need to take SC3 before you can join an SC4 class.

Not at the moment.

As at March 2019 discussions are in progress to see if it is feasible to create an online class for SuperConnect1.

More information about this will follow in due course.

Once you have completed your first SuperConnection class, have taken time to practice your skills with family and friends and you are confident in your new abilities, you may take your work out to the public.

Once you have taken a SuperConnection class you will be eligible to join as a member.

One  you have paid the requisite fee you will be entitled to benefits commensurate with your level of subscription.

The benefits are on an escalating scale.

Once you have taken a SuperConnection class you can become a SuperConnection Practitioner straight away and your name, class taken, and email address will be shown on the Consultants Page on the website.

There is no obligation on your part to appear on the website if you feel either unready to work with clients, or just do not want your name publicly advertised.

On completion of your first SuperConnection class you become a SuperConnection Practitioner.

After one year and on payment of the appropriate fee, you may use the title Junior Consultant.

This title can be retained for one year or longer by paying the annual fee, or you may elect to upgrade to the next level (Consultant).

If you have taken a previous dowsing class with one of the Master Instructors, you can – upon payment of the annual fee –  immediately become a SuperConnection Consultant.

This title and its benefits are retained for one year after which you may renew or upgrade your membership by payment of the appropriate fee.

When you have been a SuperConnection Consultant for one year, you may – by paying the appropriate fee – upgrade your membership to Executive Consultant.

Becoming an Instructor is not an automatic upgrade and there are conditions that you must fulfill before you can apply.

Please download the INSTRUCTOR criteria and speak to your Master Instructor to ascertain your suitability.

Please understand that teaching requires very different skills to consulting and potential Instructors will be assessed for competence/proven ability.

All benefits will cease and you will revert to a free listing as a Practitioner.

You will be requested to confirm in writing that you are no longer using a title other than SuperConnection Practitioner and that you are not using the SuperConnection logo on any of your advertising/promotional materials/website, etc.

Once you have committed to a consultation, you will already be sending signals to the Universe that you are open for change. Your practitioner will work with you and use specially designed charts to find energetic blocks that are preventing you from moving forward and will offer you guidance and help to empower you to create change.

Yes. Quite simply, everything in the Universe is created from energy. SuperConnection works with that energy in order to facilitate change and it will happen on some level whether or not you believe in it. However, it may not happen in the way that you expect!

Whilst we have categorized the modalities for ease of learning, every area of our being – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual – is affected by a change in energy. Your SuperConnection practitioner will be adept at working with your energy in order to facilitate change.

Your issues may be dealt with from many different perspectives and levels of your Being and all work will have a considerable impact.

Go with your instinct. If a name “jumps out” at you, or you just feel you like the sound of that person’s name, that’s a good enough starting point.

All our practitioners know how to work to get the best from the system and can offer you help and guidance.

Face-to-face meetings can be arranged through Skype, FaceTime, Google, WhatsApp, etc. so any practitioner anywhere in the world is accessible to you.

If you want to meet your practitioner, you will need to find someone in fairly close proximity – just put the county or country into the search box.

Energetically, whenever we are out of balance – mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually – we need some kind of healing. Healing is a personal journey and comes from within; our practitioners are not “healers” but “facilitators”.

SuperConnection practitioners dowse for energetic blocks and work through their superconscious mind and that of their clients in order to transmute stuck, blocked or fear-based energy.  Old patterns or programmes are replaced with positive, supportive, loving energy, facilitating change and healing.

SuperConnection has been given to us by God and works through Him. We have been given a way of accessing our Divine Spark (Soul energy) and work within the constraints of what has been revealed to us for the best and highest good of humanity.

The work is carried out at an energetic level and works through God, who created all things and is present in everything in the Universe – sun, stars, humans, animals, nature, etc.

SuperConnection is non-denominational and can sometimes break the barriers of people’s belief systems. However, I have worked with many in religious orders who did not believe in reincarnation/other lifetimes: also with people who did not believe in the existence of the soul after death. All acknowledged that they needed help, were open enough to allow the work to go ahead and were able to confirm its benefits, despite their differing belief structure.

Clients (and students) may discard what is uncomfortable for them – SuperConnection does not question or seek to change anyone’s views or beliefs, religious or otherwise.

If you are moved to seek help (or wish to take a class) it is likely that your soul is urging you to create change, even if your conscious/ego mind offers only resistance.

No. SuperConnection has practitioners from many different cultures and religious upbringing. However, we believe in equality and Oneness and no-one is labelled by their ethnicity, religion, sexual persuasion or any other category.

Every SuperConnection practitioner has undertaken to respect their client’s culture, religion, beliefs, age, status, sexual persuasion, moral values and personal issues without judgment, criticism or comment.