Fairley Amazing – Persistent Pain

Fairley Amazing – Persistent Pain

When we experience sustained and long-term pain in our bodies the spinal cord can become so bombarded with pain messages to the brain that our built-in defence barriers become damaged and less efficient. Less negative stimulation from the originating site is then needed for the nervous system to register pain.

This is known either as a “Facilitated Segment” or “Canal Sensitisation”. It refers to the section/ level in the spinal column where damage has been done. If bombardment continues then additional damage can also take place either above, below, or both.

Each spinal segment connects to a particular bone, muscle, organ etc. so that instead of a person just feeling the original pain more frequently, easily and painfully, they can then also start to experience pain in all the areas fed by the additional areas. This can be when things start to feel as if they are out of control.

It may be that pre-dispositions to weak nerve pathways exist due to past life programmes and that these are increasing the levels of pain.

By removing past life programmes we may possibly reduce the current pain levels and, over time, heighten the possibility of repairing damaged neural pathways within the spinal cord up to the brain cortex.

The following questions may be a helpful guide for your dowsing over the subject.

  1. Are there any facilitated segments?
  2. How many?
  3. Where? Dowse over an anatomy chart of the body. (Body Systems Chart)
  4. Is one “primary” – ie fires off a lot of others?
  5. Which one?
  6. Are there any Past Life Programmes involved?
  7. How much, percentage-wise, are they affecting each site?
  8. Can they be cleared?

It may be helpful to ask your Super Conscious Mind for some extra help with research before asking these questions.

In love and light,

Susan Fairley

21 June 2018

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