Fairley Amazing – Planetary Changes

Fairley Amazing – Planetary Changes

In early January last year, I intuited that some fundamental changes were going to take place towards the end of 2016. I didn’t know their scope only that they would be fundamental and far reaching because nothing else would suffice to save this planet and her peoples from the escalating maleficence being perpetrated upon them.

Back in 2010 I was informed that correcting the ills of the Earth was now beyond the capability of humankind and would be dealt with by “the Heirarchy” – principally under the command of the Archangels of this Universe.

December 2012 to July 2013 saw the closing of the current 104,000-year cycle of this solar system. It also saw a complete change throughout the whole of Creation of the mostly mathematical Fundamental Specifications that govern every universe and part universes. Over time there have been tweaks to the many specifications – indeed, the most dramatic and fundamental between January and April 2010 – but nothing of the magnitude needed to really sort things out. The infinitely complex and minute mathematical co-ordinates that make up the Specifications – or master programmes – for each planetary system, or larger creation, cannot be linked into and altered once the programme for that Cycle has begun. Humanity has therefore had to endure an interminable wait for the evils upon this planet to be permanently corrected. The same is true throughout Creation.

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In love and light
Susan Fairley
22 January 2017

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