Fairley Amazing – Pet Care

Fairley Amazing – Pet Care

It was with surprise that I discovered in early April that animals can have soul exchange/walk ins.

My own cat, Tiger, had not been himself for ages and was constantly needing to be cleared of Extra Souls. Research showed that he had agreed to an experimental Soul Exchange.   The mandate was to act as a clearing house for animal discarnates … of any variety.

The effect had been negative to his personal physical body as well as some emotional difficulties.

Further research and discussion at higher levels ended with a decision to end the experiment, especially as the Transfer was unwilling to be re-educated. To do so It felt negated the whole process.

The reversal took place some three weeks ago and his previous personality is slowly emerging.

Hopefully his health will strengthen with time.

Possibly others of you will find similar findings amongst your furry friends.

In love and light,
Susan Fairley
2 May 2017

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