Fairley Amazing – Recognizing our Negative Tendencies

Fairley Amazing – Recognizing our Negative Tendencies


We all know we are the sum total of all our lifetimes, including this one, but how can we recognize what has become habitual unhelpful behaviour life after life – as well as recognizing its influence on us now? Finding out is not that easy.

Many conscious life-altering changes were made whilst on the Bardo-plane last time. This was so we could be part of the cosmic renewal into which we would incarnate on our return to Earth. We agreed to do all we could to change how we lived our lives.

So, are we completely who we think we are, or are we still “behaving badly” – albeit in a less damaging way? More subtlety but still negatively? Only we know the real us, don’t we?

If we dowse, we are not looking to identify ourselves as a child molester who is now over-passionate about child care in this life, nor are we seeking to recognize ourselves a previous slave trader reincarnated into an African body, etc. As dowsers, these aspects will have been identified a long time ago. This is about subtleties.

For example, is the slave trader still:

  • “using people” but just more covertly? Perhaps being very nice when someone is useful but then callously dropping them when their use has ended?
  • a user/a manipulator but without any scruples or real understanding of the meaning of conscience?

Even worse, perverting esoteric teachings with get-out remarks such as:

  • “Everything is in Divine Order”
  • “Just go with the flow” or
  • “Just allow yourself to Be”
  • etc, etc.

SPIRIT has suggested we all take a long hard look at ourselves during these times of high-frequency changes that are bringing potentials for great personal beneficial development.  Are we still running negative mental and emotional habits that are still damaging others/our relationships with others, or our relationship with ourselves?

Here are a few evidence-gathering questions on which you may like to dowse:

  1. How many significant unhelpful habitual tendencies were formed in my/my client’s other lifetimes?
  2. How many have been 100% cleared, or how many are still running in some way?
  3. How skillfully am I/my client handling them? Check percentage.
  4. How much is this getting in the way of my/my client’s renewal? Check percentage.
  5. What exactly are these tendencies?
    (Ask for inspirational guidance or dowse over a chart or an alphabet to spell out the tendency, ie manipulator, as above)

Other examples may be:

Control freak – formerly a terrorist sniper who now fires words destructively instead of bullets but still with intention of gaining full control.

Obsessive materialism – formerly an ex-slave who (not unnaturally) wanted their master’s fine possessions and in this life will settle for nothing but the best, in volume, without cessation or amelioration.

Do you see the sort of hidden programmes still being run? This is a dowsing exercise for us all to consider.

In case anyone is wondering whether I have yet done this – no, it has literally just been channelled through. Maybe it is intended only for me to take a deeper and more interrogative look at myself and to have a good shake down! After sleeping on it, I will be doing it tomorrow.

However, it may just be useful for us all.

As ever, with love

Susan Fairley

Friday, 26 October 2018


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