Fairley Amazing – Health Alert

Fairley Amazing – Health Alert

I have become aware of a toxic phenomena previously unknown to me. It is what I can only call a “toxic soul” version of the Chernobyl Cloud that drifted over Europe and the world from Saturday, 26 April 1986 and reached England some days later.

It appears to be a “nebulous cloud of parasitic, hedonistic, divine-light-defying, free-loading Discarnate Souls”. Apparently it entered Earth-space around 4 June 2017.

These free-loaders can invade our soul-space, being “Serial-Squatters” intent on occupying the entire space. Like cuckoos.

The effects? … physically they can accentuate any pre-existing vulnerability and emotionally they just dump their darkness so that the host soul can experience a wide range of extreme emotions within a very short while of being invaded.

They are tenacious, cunning squatters who need removing as soon as possible.

This can be difficult if self treating … keep checking and double checking your pendulum answers, or ask a colleague for help if you just feel too off-key.

In love and light,
Susan Fairley
16 June 2017


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    Susan, I am feeling that generally we are past the worst of the release of Discordant Souls/entities.

    On checking my list of 12 vulnerable people for the last 3 days everyone has been clear, wonderful.

    What are your feelings I wonder.

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      Hello Jenny,
      Yes, the last of the nasties went last week….so it is really good to have some independent feedback. Thank you.

      What has been an unexpected outcome is that this whole process has heightened the awareness of Discarnates generally, regarding the benefits of going up to the Light and how to do it.
      The fewer on the Earth plane, then the better for the health of the Incarnates.
      The downside for we dowsers is that we are now viewed as the best and quickest route off this planet and may find we need to clear ourselves off rather frequently.
      Personally I put out the word that I’m happy to provide a service BUT everybody waits patiently OUTSIDE my personal space and behaves themselves. Works very well as they know I will check if anyone is waiting and quickly do the necessary!
      Sounds a bit odd, but it works very well and they are all very well behaved.
      Might I suggest that all dowsers do the same?

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    Dear Jenny,
    Energy envelopes is another way of describing the bio-energetic field or auric field.
    Sorry for any confusion.

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    Thank you Susan for that, very helpful.
    Please could you further explain energy envelopes.
    Delighted to hear that 80% of the Discarnate’s have moved on to a better place, that is really brilliant, imagine it after 5,000 years to 500 years being released, the world should be a much lighter place.

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    Thank you for your comments Jenny.
    I don’t feel these young people are being affected by so many entities out of fear or as part of planetary cleansing per se. However, with the ever increasing Light coming onto our planet pretty much everything can be attributed in some proportion to this phenomena.
    The Master Dwal Khul in his channelling through Alice Bailey said that mental issues were the hardest to deal with and even when back in the Soul state in the heavenly realms distress could be seen.
    It may be worth investigating whether these young people have a history over a number of lifetimes of mental issues due to perceived, rather than actual wrong doing in a previous past life, which has caused great conscious mind and soul distress ever since. Feeling unworthy with low self esteem goes with this syndrome.
    It may also be worth checking if they have immature energy envelopes, which of course, opens them up to so much in this lifetime.
    The question of entities is always a worrying one for clients….they feel it indicates there is something negative about them. SO…….!!……it may be a good point to remind ourselves that Discarnate often choose light filled beings to squat in because they hope it will give them a better chance of being collected and taken off the Earth plane to “heaven”.
    As dowsers we offer such a First Class Service with our pendulums and clearing abilities.
    I have never considered it before but possibly you Jenny are acting as a proxy clearance system for Discarnates who have a connection with your clients? Does anyone else have any views on this as a possibility?
    Which brings me to an Update on the cloud of noxious Discarnates in the Blog above, who it seems have been Discarnate for between 500 and 5000 years. Having seen some of them being despatched to a better place so easily some 80% or so opted to join them and this has been carried out. The defiant remainers have mostly changed their minds and have been visiting dowsers to get lifted off.
    There are similar nebulous clouds within the galaxy who have observed this but they have not entered Earth space as far as I can observe.

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    That is so interesting Susan, I work a lot with troubled young and have found over the last few weeks I have been removing 3/4 Discordant Soul energies from many of them, I check at the beginning of a clearing and clear all offending energies, but then sometimes more come sliding in half way through the session, most seem to originate from past lives, could this be part of the cleansing of the planet, or is it all the fear that is around at the moment? I wonder.
    I have several young I work on each month, but am now checking them each day for entities, until this epidemic passes!
    Blessings to all
    Jenny 23rd June 17.

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    These beings may have just left you feeling a bit off-key, so make sure they are removed completely, or as Susan says, get a friend to double check for you.

    You can ask for angelic protection at night. The old “angels guard my head” helps, as does, “Angels put me (my loved ones) in a bubble of white light or please set up protection north, south, east, west, above and below.”


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    Many Many thanks for this information.

    Blessings x

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