Fairley Amazing – Energy Housekeeping

Fairley Amazing – Energy Housekeeping

As most of you probably know the Planetary Year runs from July to July, rather than from January to December as observed in the western world and its cultural outreaches.

This is the time when a completely new phase of energy starts, and the various energy inflows and surges that we experience as each year progresses are within the “energy scale” of that year.

It is an annual opportunity to consciously upgrade our frequency, to the benefit of our evolvement and “go with the flow”.

The new energies always come from the Galactic Centre, pass through Sirius the Teacher Star and are absorbed into planet Earth and always feel powerful to us.

The old year ends on 24 July. The 25th is the Day Out of Time when we party and look forward to the energy gifts that are to come and 26 July is New Years Day.

The new energies start flowing on 26 July when the Lions Gate Portal opens, they climax in intensity on 8 August and finish on 12 August, when they are all embedded into the fabric of Earth.

Up until the great Harmonic Convergence of 1987 I do not remember either myself or others getting heart palpitations of a quite distressing fortitude from around the end of July until at least mid September – as so many of us did from that time onwards – probably because Earth was not reconnected before then as she has become subsequently. In fact I don’t remember getting heart problems at all; summer was a time of feeling strong.

What I DO remember post 1987 is feeling very unwell and shaky each year, along with many colleagues and August being a month when many resorted to heart ECGs because they felt so ill.   Phrases such as “I think I am being rewired”, “I will be all right once my body gets used to the new frequency” and “Is this all about emotional heart blocks?” were quite common and not particularly accurate as an overarching diagnosis for those concerned.

My own view is that the sheer volume and intensity of the new incoming light frequencies just raised people’s prana beyond the 25% that was the correct percentage for a human body then, as it is now. Levels of 35%, 45% and even 60% occurred and it is this extra prana in the body that makes one feel anything from a little shaky with mild chest discomfort to seriously weak all over and hardly able to speak.

So this gets me back to the title “Energy Housekeeping”. Monitor your prana levels during the period mentioned above and just take it back to 25% if it is raised. Sometimes a past life programme can pop up as a predisposing factor so check for that and deal with it in the normal way.

For those involved in Light Work or Healing the same can apply at any time of the year – one has drawn in or brought back much more prana than is comfortable – just check it and reduce it.

I’m certainly keeping an eye on mine – works every time!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and autumn!

In love and light,
Susan Fairley
22 July 2017

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