Fairley Amazing – Energy Housekeeping … again!

Fairley Amazing – Energy Housekeeping … again!


Our auric fields yet again appear to be being compromised by the waves of light currently coming in with the Galactic New Year, which started on 26 July.

They are only 15% higher in frequency than we were receiving at the beginning of June 2017 but are significant because of the breadth of the absolutely new frequency calibrations they are introducing to us, which we have not experienced before.

They appear to be connected to the exhaustion being experienced by many humans and animals recently, particularly being felt in the heart, breath and auric fields but also lowering immunity and susceptibility to all physical weaknesses. They are static at the moment and fresh variations are not imminent.

You might find it useful to ask the following:

S/C,  “what % of my incoming energies are of the new calibrations?” (50% seems to be general)

S/C, “please research and recalibrate/reboot all my physical & energetic systems so that they become – and remain – in complete symbiotic flow with the totality of the frequency calibrations of my Being.”

Note. this may explain when dowsing recently why I have been getting quite a lot of “Balance Being with Planetary Energies” from SC1 Chart 39 (Balancing).

I hope this will be helpful.

In love and light,
Susan Fairley
20 September 2017


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    Susan – Thank you for the above, very interesting, explains a lot & it fits in with the fact that for the last month on each clearing I have been taken to
    Update SuperConscious Mind, Upgrade Soul/Spiritual Being, Check & Reboot Connection to Source (even though I always do that at the beginning)
    I will add your 2 questions to my clearings thank you.
    Love & Blessings
    Jenny xx

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    Bless you Susan. Thank you for this useful update. Xx

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