Fairley Amazing – More Energy Housekeeping

Fairley Amazing – More Energy Housekeeping

In line with the current phase of broader spectrum and higher frequency light flowing onto our planet, two manifestations are showing up which you might like to dowse on.

Our memory banks are currently in overdrive as they dump vast amounts of very deep historical stress, fear and shock (in all its permutations) into our body systems, in what can only be called a very proactive clean up.

As on other occasions, this event hasn’t been possible on this planet for an extremely long time and whilst it is a hugely helpful healing crisis, it can actually feel very uncomfortable and debilitating at the physical level.

Having an awareness of this event and the tools to deal with it puts us dowsers in a hugely beneficial place.

As they shift from the trapped “energetic form” into the denser released “matter form”, these traumatic frequencies solidify into acids that can cause acute musculo-skeletal symptoms or become the basis of more profound illness. It has been known since the 1930s that acid-based inflammation is one of the pillars of all serious disease.

SPIRIT suggests asking for additional help to transmute excess acids into alkalines. You can use the Homotoxicology Chart (old SRT or new SC5 version) and the Blood Re-oxygenation technique (SC3), as well as taking dietary alkalinity procedures of choice.

In view of the above energy fluxes, now is possibly a good time o check the compatibility of your four most obvious energy fields, ie prana, soul body, physical body and your local planetary body (the one on which you live!)

PRANA What is it?
What should it be?
25% / 35%
If it is too high you may be feeling heart flutters. Do you need to upgrade from 25%?
SOUL LEVEL Dimensionally
What should it be?
3.3 / 4.2 etc
Is an upgrade or reduction optimal for you? You may have been on out-of-body work and brought in a high frequency that feels “spaced out”.
PHYSICAL BODY What should it be? 2.5 / 5.5 etc
Are there any programmes holding it in the denser frequencies? Research and deal with them.
PLANETARY What is it  locally? Check what is optimal.


Do whatever research and clearing is needed for each section so that you finish up with four optimal readings and then ask SC/HS “Please integrate into an optimal symbiosis; thank you.”

In Love and Light,
Susan Fairley
29 November 2017


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    Thanks Julie,
    My feeling is that we are all being affected by this phase, it is just When and How Much. I am checking myself very regularly.

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    Thanks Susan I had been noticing a pattern of shock and fear whilst clearing my family and also high body toxicity. Just double checked from your suggestions and all is balanced 😃👍🏻

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