Fairley Amazing – Energetic Tidying Up

Fairley Amazing – Energetic Tidying Up


For many people 2017 sees the end of a phase and 2018 the beginning of a whole new phase which is very much the outcome of all that has gone before. A New Phase and not just a New Year; it is a  Completion Point that has been reached and transcended.

If you have an unfinished project or change of any kind that has rather fallen under the tide of “things that really must be done”, whether of major or minor importance, then this is a gentle wake-up call.

In your heart of hearts is your subconscious aware that whatever your challenge is, it really does need to be done and dusted by 31 December? Why is that? Why do you keep thinking, “I really must do that?”.

You may not find the answer until 2018 but so many are experiencing the same “nudging phenomenon” that those who guide us simply must know something time wise that we are not currently privy to.

It may be something relatively small that needs doing … it may be something really large that you have been working on for years … whatever it is, get it out, have another look at it and see if at the very least you can tidy it up so that it is essentially DONE by 31 December 2017. Tweaks in 2018 seem to be allowed!

I went to a preview of a new private museum today and the owners told me that they had been working on it for the last four years. It had been far more challenging in every aspect than they had anticipated, resulting in a delayed official opening date of March 2018. However, they had such a strong feeling that they had to get their doors open during December that they had got everything more or less done and were opening for three days just to respond to the overpowering push they felt they were getting. They said that opening “felt right” and there was indeed a great sense of completion within the building.

So if this resonates with YOU, then muzzle all the excuses and get your challenge at least tidied up on paper or in your mind, so that it has moved from the Energy State of an Idea into at least the minor Matter State of a Fact!

DO IT !!!

In love, light
Susan Fairley
16 December 2017

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