Fairley Amazing – Energy Housekeeping

Fairley Amazing – Energy Housekeeping


This is very simple, quick and useful!

Most of us take food supplements in one form or another to support our physical body. These days we often take them in vibrational form as the physical substances seem too dense for the increasingly refined incoming energies of the world in which we live.

The next phase seems to be an awareness of NEW trace minerals and nutrients – whose names we do not yet know – that are now available to be downloaded. Indeed, they NEED to be downloaded to keep our bodies optimally nourished.

Question: If YES:

Do I need any of the new incoming trace minerals and nutrients? YES/NO

a) How many?

b) How many times today?

c) Superconscious Mind/High Self, ”please download trace minerals and nutrients as indicated. thank you.”

Checking daily for a while is probably best as these are new substances to our bodies and wetherefore have a current higher need on a daily basis. Eat well! Feel better!

In love and light
Susan Fairley
12 March 2018

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