Fairley Amazing – E-CAT

Fairley Amazing – E-CAT

E-CAT / Elohim-Based Computer Assessment & Treatment

Linda tells me that the title of my new one-day seminar has raised a few question marks. I felt I should explain where the word “Computer” fits in and why it is nothing to get worried about.

Our Universe is a mechanical marvel which is basically a mix of mathematics, physics and love.  The systems involved are mostly set up and run by the Elohim Masters, who are the “Bob the Builders” of the Universe and they naturally use “advanced computerised technology” to keep it all running. The class explains how this works and how to tap into it at a very basic level, hence the sub-title “Primer in Quantum Physics”. We were designed to be independent but have lost much of the technical understanding and skills and this class seeks to remedy that. The Elohim have very kindly offered to take us “kids” by the hand and run the healing systems for us until we gain sufficient confidence, etc to do it ourselves. No more complicated than that!

E-CAT itself is just the next generation on from SC3 (Beyond Limits Energy Healing) and SC5 (Body ReConnection) without detracting from them in any way … they are all truly complimentary!

E-CAT provides a map of the Universe and a map of our bodies and how they connect, including an aspect of our physical make-up which has not, as far as I am aware, ever been revealed before. It is a road map for us to once again become comfortably proficient handlers of our self-healing mechanisms.

This work is being released not only on the cusp of great dimensional frequency changes on our planet but also at a time when Prime Creator is fast-tracking about 40% of Light Workers to attain Ascension imminently – and it supports that process.

I look forward to being able to share this exciting step forward with you.

In love and light
Susan Fairley
23 August 2018


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