Fairley Amazing – E-CAT

Fairley Amazing – E-CAT

E-CAT / Elohim-Based Computer Assessment & Treatment

Susan’s E-CAT class was a great success and we were all  blown away by the depth of the information that she had channeled through. It gave us a unique perspective of the fundamentals of the Universe and the primary energies that continually flow through to us via Breath of Life – The Master Computer programme that works with all of Creation.

We were taught how to work with the amazing Beings that are supporting us and how to connect to our Divine Blueprint in order to access and use that information for physical healing in readiness for the Ascension process. Wow! 
We’re hoping to schedule another class soon. This will be followed by an update – yes there is more to come! – in the early Spring. Please let me know if you are interested.  (As before, the class is only open to seasoned dowsers). 


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