Fairley Amazing – Dowsing Housekeeping

Fairley Amazing – Dowsing Housekeeping

You’ll  be aware that our physical bodies are still rather in a state of flux! I’ve just taken mine to the homoeopath for some tweaking and it caused me to review not only some food supplements but the fundamental frequencies of everything.

Is everything too dense now – even the homoeopathic ones? Is there some subtle reformulation even beyond homoeopathic succussion that may be needed, perhaps something more in line with the plasma of the building blocks of matter, rather than just a frequency upgrade of an existing remedy/supplement? Who knows, exactly?

For my own use I am re-calibrating my remedies/food with the following request/command. Please feel free to share it with others.

“Please bio-engineer this remedy/supplement/food through all physical, frequency and plasmatic ranges to a state that is of optimal benefit for my (my client’s) Being. Thank you. “

In love and light
Susan Fairley
15 January 2017

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