Fairley Amazing – Ancient Detox

Fairley Amazing – Ancient Detox

The Ancient Detox Checklist and the December energy housekeeping blog on acidity are different aspects of the same thing and need to be used together, as well as simultaneously checking that your auric field’s protection is 100% and that there are no energy cysts of any kind needing clearing.

Around every 2 to 3 days, the Angelics are currently blasting our world with high quality/high volume white light, meaning more old programmes or vapourized programmes in the matter sState of acidity or toxins need to be cleared. This is likely to go on for some time.

The greater the level of personal work you have been doing on yourself, then the greater the opportunity for very deep releases to be taking place. This may be felt physically, mentally or emotionally, so keep a regular eye on how you are feeling as well as using the Ancient Toxins Chart at least every three days.

We are all in this together so if you need help then now is the time to ask your best dowsing pal for a hand!

(Download chart here.)

In love, light
Susan Fairley
18 January 2018


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    What is the Ancient Toxins chart ?
    I don’t recall that one

    • Reply

      Click on the words Ancient Toxins Chart, written in blue, in the first line of Susan’s article and you can download! Linda

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