Fairley Amazing – Additional Soul Support

Fairley Amazing – Additional Soul Support


For those of you who missed the issue of the Corruptive Misalignments and Miscellaneous Blocks charts in 2015, they are still valuable and have been re-issued here for additional dowsing support.

Corruptive Misalignments chart
Miscellaneous Blocks chart

In love and light
Susan Fairley
31 January 2018


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    You are very welcome Debra!..x…now is showing to be an extremely fruitful time to be soul decluttering at a deep level and this chart just makes focussing that much easier.
    The Soul Support Checklist is also very current…..especially relating to the Oversoul. Putting a mirrored egg of protection around it daily as one does to the Incarnate Soul seems helpful, especially with the ability to return all negativity to sender, amplified one thousandfold.!
    I think Robert would like that!

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      I am always surprised by divine timing……today before reading your reply I had cause to work with over soul issues. It’s as if my superconcious mind is gently showing me how to trust its communication channel. It is one thing to know and believe in the theory…….quite another to know from practical application. Many blessings x

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    Thank you Susan. Linda kindly gave me copies of these charts at SC3 course which I attended last week.
    The Ancient detox check list has been particularly useful.

    Many blessings x

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