The SuperConnect2 class coincided with the Wimbledon Final, the UEFA Cup, the British Grand Prix and the annual County Show! However, despite this, a small, select and delightful group participated in the SuperConnect2 class.

The energy of the class certainly matched that of all the sports being played over the weekend and as everyone had worked hard we even managed to create a little time to watch the end of the Wimbledon final.

Everything in our universe is made of energy and is up to us to continue to keep our own energy “tank” filled.  Doing the things we love helps us achieve this and allows us to accomplish the other things that perhaps we love less! Endeavour to find joy in every moment – a beautiful sky, a baby’s smile, children’s laughter, a lovely cup of tea, a telephone call to/from a friend – so that  you have a good reservoir to draw upon when you need some extra energy to meet any challenges.

A visit from my great-nephew and great-niece this weekend served to reinforce the message about energy.  The little ones, 3 and 5 years old respectively, have energy tanks that are overflowing.  Everything they do is about generating fun and happiness for themselves. The “oldies” had to dig deep to keep up with them but the joy of watching them at play and being called upon to join their games was both energizing and rejuvenating. I’d bought them laughter bags (press the bag and it goes “ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha” – ad infinitum!)  As we rested indoors in the cool, the two little imps popped their heads around the door and threw the bags into the room … we all laughed and laughed both at the fun they were having at our expense and their amazing ingenuity!

What can you do to replenish your energy tank? Think about it and then go do it!



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