Even in today’s difficult times – All is in Divine Order

Even in today’s difficult times – All is in Divine Order

A message for SuperConnection practitioners:

I believe it is important for us to stay aware of what is going on around us. Knowledge is power. However, like knowledge, power is only of any use if we use it wisely!

As far as possible no TV news or propaganda, no newspapers and careful selection of what you view / read on the internet. As soon as something doesn’t resonate with you, switch it off! Blank it.

We must view all current affairs from our highest perspective. It is all too easy to be dragged into fear – of any degree – and to have our energy depleted or sucked out by the dark. Everything must be viewed with neutrality.

Know that All is in Divine Order. The Light is exposing everything that has been hidden, that has been in the darkness.

Know that this is all part of the Divine Plan. See all the chaos, turmoil, uncovering of untold horrors as a joy – yes, a joy! It is truly beautiful that the Light is exposing that which is not in harmony with the Creator’s Plan. See the beauty behind it. Rejoice with every exposure; this is the Light doing its work – your work, the work of all Lightworkers on and off the planet.

Remember the dark seeks to access everyone – including you – through psychological programming (warfare).Those who are in control of the earth know exactly how to manipulate humanity.

You are enlightened Beings! Members of your family and your friends may not be as enlightened. This can cause a divide. You feel it and those close to you feel it. Treat them with love and compassion. Stay out of judgment. Do not criticise them verbally or mentally. Send them love and light every time you think of them. Their time will come, just hold them in the Light. Remember they have been hacked by the dark and perhaps do not have the same inner resources as you do to deal with the constant bombardment of fear.

Joe Public – same applies as above. Love and Compassion to all. No arguing, no fighting, no defending your beliefs.

Keep your thoughts as loving and positive as possible. As soon as you feel disgruntled, discombobulated, afraid, angry, irritated, etc. link into your superconscious mind / higher self and ask for the energies to be transmuted.

Keep your energy field as clean as possible – regular energy clearing on your home.

Through love you are the creator of your reality. No-one else! See yourself living in that reality – the 5th dimension (if you like). Create your vision. Concentrate on what you want to see in your reality, build on it by including what isn’t yet in place and adjust your attention to see the beauty behind everything.

As you keep your energy clear and create your vision, your reality, you build fields around you that are of a higher strength. As you continue to add to these fields, lower frequencies fall away; they are unable to affect you.  

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