How to diffuse your emotional response quickly and effectively

How to diffuse your emotional response quickly and effectively

This simple formula will help you release any pent-up emotions before they begin to cause issues within your body.

How you feel about something in the moment is personal to you and you must allow yourself to feel as you do. However, do not allow the feelings of a given moment to dictate how you feel for the rest of the day.

Why would you want to waste time going over and over your negative emotional responses? All this does is to serve your ego, justifying that you are RIGHT and the other person is WRONG!

Take control! Actively choose to let go and to be free of the ego-chatter that causes you to go over those negative feelings again and again, just reinforcing your pain and suffering.

Say the words in your head – do not articulate them out loud as this will only add fuel to the other person’s fire!


“Thank you, Kyle <insert name> for teaching me about irritation, helplessness, disappointment and disgust. <insert whatever emotions you felt>

I acknowledge these lessons as my own and accept them with love and gratitude. I release them to the Universe to be transmuted into love.

Superconscious, please also clear Kyle’s <insert name> programmes and transmute all fear-based energies.

State: “I forgive you, Kyle <insert name> and I forgive myself.”


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