Consultancy Testimonials

“ I wanted to share with you some amazing news about Jessica’s dog, called Q. She went to have x-rays done on Monday and got the results today and they show that the knees that were grade 3 are now grade 1 problem and no need to operate. They are quite puzzled still so sending her to see a specialist for a final decision!”

BD (SC4 consultation)

“I was totally amazed at how accurate Super Connector Shena was in completely ‘diagnosing’ the reasons behind my ongoing feelings of total loss of equilibrium, negativity and fears due to a long drawn out stressful situation.  She did a Super Connection rebalancing on these out of kilter energies and instantly and miraculously put me back to my happy, positive, joyful and grateful self in spite of the situation.  And even more incredible, this was all done remotely!
As a result I have booked on to a couple of Super Connection courses and can’t wait.
Thank you Shena with all my heart. I am a new person. ”

NB – (remote SuperConnection consultation)

Just wanted to say that I have used the charts with a couple of people since and the difference is amazing. The work seems much quicker and flows with a positive feeling throughout!

KK – SuperConnect1 Consultant

“I took part in a face to face consultation with Nicola to address my issues of Procrastination and Instant Gratification.

I had not had any previous experience with this method, but I was open minded and receptive to any changes that I might encounter. The process itself was much more detailed than I had expected, and I had several “Ah, so that is why …” moments when some blocks, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging issues were highlighted.

The results in the end, however, were so amazing that I wrote them down. Within 2 days, I had completed every job I had set myself for the day, and felt absolutely no desire to procrastinate, but just wanted to get on with it. This is a completely new experience for me, and I found that NOT procrastinating made all my jobs so much easier and quicker. I can honestly say that I no longer procrastinate and I feel much less stressed.

Instant gratification is linked with procrastination (I would rather be eating / reading / watching TV than do my University assignments), and this has often been my downfall when trying to lose weight. Since the clearing, I have so much more control (effortlessly) about not needing to pig out. An example was that I fancied a Chinese take away, but instead of brooding on it and getting miserable that I couldn’t have it, I wrote on a post-it note (so I could prove my new outlook), that although I wanted a Chinese, I could have it, but I didn’t want it right now as I would rather lose weight, so I would have a take away at some other time (this is a completely new way of thinking for me).

I am so amazed and grateful for that afternoon clearing session. I can’t really explain how it works or what has happened, only that the results speak for themselves.”

PT, Hampshire, UK SuperConnect2

“Debra and Shila’s healing session was very powerful for me. I found that all of the issues they raised were completely accurate and resonated with me at all levels. I was impressed at the speed in which they were both able to find issues and clear them out in the short time session that I had. I have been feeling a lot more relaxed since the healing and I am looking forward to spending more time with Shila on the healing. I would definitely recommend them both to other people in need of healing.”

NK, Kent, UK SuperConnect2

A nice little story from a consultant:
A friend came for a session about her relationship with her partner, one of the issues being that there was no sex.  The work was carried out, past life issues cleared and transmuted. She emailed a few days later and very happily reported that they had made love twice after 10 years!


“My great-grandson, who was impossible, is much quieter and relaxed – everyone noticed. As a result his mother, my grand-daughter, is also happier and more relaxed.

My ‘daily’ is now able to walk properly and with confidence and says her daughter is a ‘new woman’!”

“I am totally thrilled. Thank you JH for all the work you have done.”

A grateful Great-Grandmother

“Thank you for your time and healing. Please if possible work on further. We are all very very very much grateful to you.”

IK, Moscow – SuperConnect2 (Skype session)

“You are like Human Angel sent to me, when I need it the most.
You have helped me to answer questions that I have been looking to answer for a long time. You helped me see everything with clarity; how i should see myself, how I should see others. The burdens in my heart were amazingly being lifted up now.

In the time when I am supposed to be angry and recall all the abuse I received for many years … I am not. No more anger…just nothing. I feel wonderful. I notice that I sleep easily now: no more insomnia. The teacher at school also reported that my son is getting much better and I notice him getting happier with less tantrums. The world surrounds me is my mirror and you showed me what it is I should reflect so I can move on, be strong and have faith in myself.

From the bottom of my heart thank you very much for your kindness and your help. It meant so much.”

A, Hong Kong – SuperConnect3 (Beyond Limits)

“Thank you so much, I’m very happy to see you again and to work with you!

I have done such an incredible growth this past year…thanks to you … you will see and feel my energy.”

BB, Italy – SuperConnect2 (Skype session)

“I’ve not had any previous training using a dowser so this was relatively new to me. I’ve done 4 sessions on others and some on myself since the class and with every session I’m learning more and more. I think it’s simple to use and the information coming back is just spot on. I’m bowled over by the accuracy of what’s coming up in the sessions.”

T’ON, Ireland – SuperConnect2 (Skype session)

“Many thanks for your help and wonderful work!!!”

S-TL, Taiwan – SuperConnect2 (Skype session)