Nicola Hok

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An internationally renowned Bowen Practitioner and Instructor, Nicola Hok focuses in facilitating health on many different levels.

With a background in Reflexology, Shiatsu and Massage, Nicola has been specializing in Bowen since 1993 and EmoTrance since 2008. She teaches throughout the UK and Europe and has clinics in both London and Hampshire.
She also travels bi-annually to the Middle East to run courses and see clients.

Nicola is also a Team Manager and Independent Distributor at Synergy Worldwide (ID 1334623) since gaining amazing results herself through taking their nutritional products. She has a special interest gut health and rebalancing the microbiome through a fully supported 21 day programme and also gives talks on gut health.

She has worked with energy for many years and helps people to overcome fears and difficulties and to empower themselves.

Introduced to SuperConnect in 2015, she has seen some great results with herself, family, friends and clients and finds that this comprehensive system is complementing and enhancing her other work.

Services offered:

SuperConnect 1, 2, 3 (Beyond Limits), 5 and EmoTrance.
Consultations in person, by phone, Skype or zoom.
Bowen/Emmett/NST treatments in person. Bowen Technique Training Classes.
EmoTrance Courses.

Locations:   London, W12 & Milford on Sea, Hampshire