All our classes are delivered in straightforward, easy to understand language. They require no special skills, talents or beliefs. All that is needed is an open heart and an open mind. View class descriptions.

Each modality is “stand-alone” so you can take the class that interests you without any further commitment. If you want to take additional classes to expand your knowledge and expertise, then you can do so when you are ready.

Once you are confident with the new skills you have learned in any of the modules, you can take the work out into the world and begin helping others to help themselves too.

E-CAT (a SuperConnection sponsored class)

Detling Detling, Kent, United Kingdom

An “Earth-Primer” for Quantum Physics rebalancing of the Physical Body,
leading to Self-Mastery


ASCENSION PATHWAY Master Class/Update 25th April 2020 – Detling

Detling Detling, Kent, United Kingdom

An Ascension Pathway Master Class taught by Susan Fairley. Things are moving fast in the Universe and this class will outline the latest progress and updates. Available only to those who have already taken E-CAT/Ascension Pathway classes.