Valentina Delmonte

Valentina is a seasoned practitioner of SuperConnection. She offers SC1, SC2, SC3, SC4 and SC5 consultations in English and Italian. She lives in Reggio Emilia, Italy and works as an […]

Valerie Rose

Valerie Rose was a Secretary/Administrator during her working life, eleven years of it working for Voluntary Child Protection Agencies. In her later working years she began training in complementary therapies, […]

Linda Turner

Linda is the joint founder and co-creator of SuperConnection Limited and teaches all modules within the SuperConnection system. For many years Linda had a conventional and successful career in the […]

Jenny Hok

Services/consultations offered SuperConnect1 SuperConnect2 SuperConnect3 (Beyond Limits) SuperConnect4 (Beyond Limits for Cats & Dogs)

Alice Foehn

Alice Foehn is the founder of Beyond Limits Energy Therapy. She is a Paris-trained Fashion Designer turned Holistic Healing practitioner who has expertise in a variety of healing modalities, which […]