Class Testimonials

“SuperConnect 1 is the first course that I have taken and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The approach, the material and the teaching are very professional and the course allows for knowledge and confidence to build and grow over the four days. Even the more complex subjects are explained in easy to understand language and the supportive environment and time to practice and ask questions was invaluable. Thank you!”

NB – SuperConnect1 – Milton Keynes, Bucks

“I’ve been receiving some very positive and humbling feedback, especially from using SC2. People are experiencing real and beneficial change. Although I’m very aware that I’m not the one making the changes, it is so exciting to know that these amazing systems can have such profound effects on peoples lives.

It is going slowly but the recommendations are trickling in and that in itself is exciting. I’m so happy and grateful that I’ve been able to learn all of this and very pleased with the outcomes so far.”

DD – SuperConnect1&2 – Waltham Cross, Herts

“I’ve been using both SuperConnect 1 and 2 quite a lot, even taking the A5 charts on holiday. Really enjoying working with both sets and having constant requests from family and friends.

I’ve had some amazing positive  results with seemingly hopeless situations which literally have transformed peoples lives.”

BH- SuperConnect1&2 Rochester, Kent

“SuperConnect1 was an amazing and transformational course, full of fun, good humour and a wonderfully relaxed approach, delivered beautifully by our fantastic and enlightened teacher.

Having completed the class I feel a vibrational alignment with the amazing techniques. We get to work with pure love so we leave fear, drama and other negative charges aside. What else is possible?”

I can’t wait to introduce SuperConnect1 to my clients and witness the phenomenal shifts and balances that will be received – onwards and upwards!

I am both excited and delighted and forever grateful to Linda. Keep up the amazing work. Love always.”

DD – SuperConnect1 Abbeyleix, Ireland

“Very good class. Excellent layout and beautifully coloured charts which make a huge difference to effective learning. I found the brief notes on the charts with questions to ask very helpful. Loved the Archangel and Sacred Geomentry charts.”

MD – SuperConnect1 Abbeyleix, Ireland

“Of all the classes I have every done with Linda, this was the most simple, relaxing, enjoyable and easy-going I have ever experienced.  The charts are beautfiul. Keep up the great work.”

EG – SuperConnect1 Abbeyleix, Ireland

“I felt the teaching was very advanced, yet easy and natural to learn and understand.  I have already taken SuperConnect2 which is also very powerful. Having the extra information from SuperConnect1 just enhances it all – it is amazing. Looking forward to SuperConnect3!”

MD – SuperConnect1 Abbeyleix, Ireland

“SuperConnect1 was delivered in a clear and concise manner. The charts are all very user-friendly and the colours are effective and help you remember them. The handbook gives a detailed explanation of each chart and how to use them. It was a great class with a fantastic teacher. Thank you!”

KT – SuperConnect1 Abbeyleix, Ireland

“Thank you so much for delivering a superb course. The whole weekend was enjoyable and informative. I liked the informal structure; the class was beyond what I’d imagined it to be.

I finally know where I am going in this lifetime. SuperConnect1 is going to take me on a journey where I will be able to connect completely to my higher self. In the future I’d like to help others an teach all of this. Watch this space!”

IG – SuperConnect1 Abbeyleix, Ireland

‘I took the SuperConnect1 course in May and enjoyed every minute.  The SuperConnect system is simple yet comprehensive and flexible.  Written in plain language, it gently guides you through the charts to the root of the issue and to any additional healing which is helpful.  It focuses on transmuting the fear-based energies to love-based energies and enables the Consultant to work on a single issue or several during the session and of course works equally well as distance healing as a face to face meeting.

Having completed the SuperConnect2 training earlier in the year, I feel I now have the tools to  help people understand the cause of their problem and go home with the transformed, positive energies which will enable them to move forward in their life and relationships.  The gentle guidance they receive comes not from the Consultant but from their own Superconscious mind, which enables them to trust in their connection to this constant source of support.

Whatever therapy or modality you practice, the SuperConnect system can only support and enhance your work and what’s more, the classes are instructive, experience-based and fun!’

VR – SuperConnect1 Detling, UK

“Coming here and joining you this SC2 course was a very special time for me. It gave me the opportunity to receive something very special and enlightening from heart to heart.

All I have learned will give me a strong, powerful and effective tool to transform, heal and overcome all present challenges which I am facing before I will most certainly use it for others too.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, honour and bless you.”

SB – SuperConnect2 Mondsee, Austria

“The class was much better than I expected! So many energies were transformed and the energy was incredible.”

AS – SuperConnect2 Mondsee, Austria

“I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this wonderful class. SC2 is an amazing method: effective, easy, rewarding and full of love. It is fun and easy to work with. It is logical, intuitive, filled with lots of possibilities, down to earth, practical and focuses on people’s needs.

Thank you Linda (and Alice) for having developed such a wonderful system. I will go on dowsing now with much more joy than before.

Thank you Linda & Christiane for the warm and loving atmosphere that you created throughout the last four days. We had many learnings, lots of fun and I will love to go on as soon as the next class comes to Germany of Austria.

Thank you Christiane for your translations, for keeping the concentration and organising everything in the background. You did it very well and it is a task that is often underestimated.

I loved being here and I am looking forward to applying superConnect2 and to my next class with you.”

SW – SuperConnect2 Mondsee, Austria

It was a real pleasure to attend this course. I’m thrilled how easy it is to handle energy healing with this method. There is just huge gratitude in me.

Linda & Christiane (class translator) are a great team and one can feel the good relationship between them.

The course was presented clearly and my questions answered satisfactorily. The training materials are sufficient to enable me to work on “my own two feet”.

I enjoyed the harmony sent out by Linda & Christiane, the great humour and laughter that came direct from their hearts. All I felt was love. l hope to take the memory of this feeling, develop more of it and maintain it at a certain level.

Thank you very much. ”

RW – SuperConnect2 Mondsee, Austria

“I can only say thank you for the seminar, the handbook, for SuperConnect2 and for the wonderful work you do. I will surely work with this system. ”

M-AB – SuperConnect2 Mondsee, Austria

“Having recently completed SuperConnect1, I have to report to everyone how very excited I am to have all these new charts, they are brilliant and cover everything you could ever think of.
Linda thank you so very much for giving us so much wonderful information and such a fun happy time.
I am using the SC1 charts along with SC2 and the combination has wonderful results.
Anyone who is thinking of doing this course, I would throughly recommend it.”

JH – SuperConnect1

“Several times during the Beyond Limits Energy Healing class, I was touched by my own experience.

When I first received the Stellate Nerve Nodal Blocking treatment, I felt so relaxed and sleepy. A minute later, I felt energy run through my forehead and felt some unknown change. My stiff back was instantly relaxed; all the heavy pressure was gone.

After the healing session my facial expression was brighter, my mood lighter and I felt at ease with myself. The magical Beyond Limits Energy Healing released the pain I had experienced and endured for so many years. I am now able to feel the Light, Love and healing from the Universe as well as the support from Mother Earth.  I feel I am becoming whole. I am holding hope and power awaiting my beautiful life ahead of me.

Thank you to to my teacher Alice.”

W S-M – SuperConnect3

“The method is easy to understand and it covers all aspects of life and living. I learned how to open up and communicate with my heart, how to face my suppressed emotions and unwanted memories.  At the end of the class, I was very  happy and confident about having a prosperous life.”


“The course material is very detailed. I achieved many benefits from this class. I resolved many issues that could not be dealt with in the past. Apart from clearing, this new course directed me towards a better understanding of myself. ”


“After taking the course, I have a deeper understanding of my current status and issues for bringing about a break through. I now know how to deal patterns of unfinished issues or debts left by ancestors, disharmony due to the influence of planets and constellations, and discordant soul aspects. I now feel completion.”


“It’s now easy and quick for me to explain to my clients their current situation. I wish to take SuperConnect2 next!”


“Beyond Limits combines different healing methods and theories across the limits of time and space, healing body, spirit and mind in one, beyond traditional limitations.

Not only is this method the hope of future medicine, it gives hope to all incurable diseases. I hope many will come and learn this method, so that more people benefit.

Thank you Alice for your teaching, for giving me a new concept and a new direction toward medical treatment. It was really rewarding and I am glad that I did it!”


I would recommend SC2 to anyone who wishes to change and improve their life. It is well structured and executed, the charts are beautiful and there is masses of information on them.

Linda is lovely a really good teacher, explaining everything thoroughly with immense patience. We had great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  I am really looking forward to the next one.

“Thank  you for the gift you brought into my life. I work with SC almost daily with super results for different issues: illness, harmony in relationships, healing trauma.

GG – SuperConnect1 – Vienna, Austria

“I have now completed SC2 and SC3 courses, and what amazing courses they are!  Intense? – yes,  but full of such valuable information and delivered with humour and sensitivity.  It was as if I met part of my soul family with almost instant recognition.  Since using the techniques on these courses, I have changed and those around me have too, and all for the better.  Linda is an amazing teacher with such a depth of knowledge it was a privilege to work with her.”

JL – SuperConnect2 – Herne Bay, Kent

“I loved the positive, future-orientated, solution-focused, non-therapeutic approach.”

AW – SuperConnect2

“The course was brilliant. I loved meeting the people in the class. I loved the easy style of presenting that Linda gave, so down to earth and I felt like I belonged, I felt like I was home. This feels so right to me and I really connect with the way it’s presented, the manuals are just fantastic, colourful, easy to understand and such a powerhouse of information.

I did a session with a friend of mine last night and it blew her away, she loved it and for me it felt really easy and relaxed. The information was spot on and she was amazed at where it brought us. And she’s recommended me to some of her friends and so out it goes to the Universe, I’m excited about the possibilities it opens up for the future.”

TO’N – SuperConnect2

“Modern and vibrant. No underlying religious bias. Positive love based emphasis which doesn’t dwell on fear based energies. Clear and concise charts. Relatively easy to use.”

BH – SuperConnect2


The Beyond Limits Energy Healing class I attended is full of fun and very practical!

Traditional medicine is able to tackle most physical issue, but Beyond Limit Healing Method heal beyond physical condition, it also can find out psychological reasons that are causing problem, therefore can get the much deeper with very good healing results.

I enjoyed the class!


“It did exactly what it says on the tin, we all felt connected as a class and with Linda and with the work.”

MB – SuperConnect2

“This course allows us to have a better understanding of energy and soul essence so we can run our soul energy better and know more about ourselves. I am happy to have this new tool for clearing, learning and healing; it is easy to use and understand.”


“I had lots of expectations for this course. The abundant content will help me to carry out healing. Thank you Alice and Linda for creating this interesting system and Alice for her dedicated teaching.

I hope to bring SuperConnect1 (SuperR) into my life so that healing can be carried out in a lively and creative manner.

Meanwhile, I have acquired from this course a basic understanding of the Enneagram, various healing patterns and complementary healing methods.

This was an exciting course for me.”


“The course is very interesting. I now understand different clearing mechanisms which have widened my learning and scope of healing.”


“I now feel that being born on this planet is glorious. Through this course, I discovered blocks that have never been exposed and understand the chaos and imbalance that have come through my family tree. I am now more confident and proactive to carry out healing. I hope to join the forthcoming class of Beyond Limits Energy Healing.”


“During the Beyond Limits Energy Healing class I learned not only the healing methods but also from the individual practices, experiences and thoughts of my classmates.

After practicing the use of different healing techniques. we were able to change our perception and improve our physical condition. I am very happy to have the chance to learn this healing method.  I could see all my classmates were very satisfied and we were happy to learn so much.

I had an awesome healing experience during the class. For that, all I can say is it is BEYOND LIMITS!

C Y-K – SuperConnect3

“SuperConnect1 is easily understood and flexible to use. It becomes easier to understand and interpret others’ feelings and see why people are influenced by astrology. I became more confident and trusting of myself.”


“After 4 days’ beyond Limits Energy healing class, I had learned so much.  The healing methods brought to us by our teacher were not only amazing and wonderful but also very flexible and full of creativity. BLEH can help solve physical and emotional problem and even help to harmonise family relationship problems and release tensions within.

There was plenty of practice time and varied examples. I have witnessed myself the amazing results of this method.

I am very thankful my teacher bringing this method to us, also grateful to have the chance to learn it. Thank you Alice for your love and wisdom, and wonderfully warm teaching.”


“This course is very practical and the tools easy-to-use. I am very happy to have a better understanding of myself and to be able to help myself, my family and friends towards healing. I feel loved and I am relaxed and happy that I can now think from a different perspective.”


“This class is absolutely amazing! Beyond Limits Energy Healing is a method that combines the essence of Universal energy, Chinese  & Western medicine, psychology and spiritual healing. Using a pendulum/ muscle testing to find the client’s core issues, enabled us to help very quickly and accurately.  This is a new way to guide human beings towards spiritual, mental and physical growth.

Often sickness is not purely a physical problem. We learned that physical sickness is often caused by psychological beliefs, trauma, stress and other discordant energies.

Using chakra, meridian, newest medical-based imaginary techniques,  we are able to delete, transmute and replace the discordant energies to help clients. Beyond Limits Energy Healing is an all-round healing method that is dedicated to mankind.

Thank you Universe for giving us such a wonderful method.

L H-C – SuperConnect3

“Just wanted to let you know how much I love your Superconnect2 system!

After all the upheaval that has been going on, a client appeared “out of the blue” via a friend of mine (yes, I know about synchronicity and all that malarkey!) and having gone through my first session I was struck by how accurate the information is that comes up.
While of course I accept that I’m the means whereby the process is facilitated, I am only now beginning to fully appreciate the depth and breadth of what is possible with the system / process.
I am so incredibly grateful that you enabled me to learn this. I’d love to come and take the other courses, too. Bless you for being such a clear channel – and thank you so much for your kindness.

DD – SuperConnect2

“I liked the practical aspect of the course and that it can be used every day. I love the A5 sized charts too!”

CV – SuperConnect2

“Thanks for such a great day. Your work radiates healing and the knowledge we love. Worth us coming and we now want to do the May SC1 – Divine Timing – we are both free!

DG/SJ – SuperConnect2 Additional Study Day

“It is impossible to use words to explain my feelings. This is an excellent course. It is a systematic collection of knowledge and understanding on living life and spiritual. I have a better understanding of problem solving, confidence to propose solutions, have a different view and perspective on myself, flexible use of healing, got unexpected love, support and blessings and a feeling of the greatness of the Universe and the soul.”


“This is a powerful course. I could feel energy readily flowing into my heart especially after clearing of discordant soul aspects. I could also deeply feel the transmutation of energy after clearing my ancestral/family tree. I also loved the energy fields clearing and transmutation of energy.

Through reconnection with the Universe and deeper connection with my inner self, I can now remain centered and enhance my confidence. I have a deeper understanding of myself and can now consider the potential of developing my business in spiritual healing. ”


“Prior to the class, I didn’t have any expectations. All frustrations were healed during the class and I am confident to share what I got.

I must say thank you to my teacher. Today I feel completely different. I just understood the theories before and this is the first time I could feel the flow of energy.

The key message I learned from this course is that human beings incarnate at the Earth for fun. “As above and so below” carries the same message.

Prior to the class, I felt tired after clearing sessions for others. Now, although I still feel tired as a result of being too concentrated, there is a subtle feeling that is hard to describe. Thanks for the blessings. I feel happy to work with others as their energies are helping me elevate my own energy levels. Now I understand why the teacher looks young!

I have registered for SuperConnect2 course.”


“The course was fascinating. The system is incredibly in-depth and at the same time really accessible. I’m so looking forward to working with it.”

DD – SuperConnect2

“This is a very interesting class. I felt love energy flowing around the class. Together with BLEH, the two modalities deal with aspects from soul level to physical body. The procedures are pragmatic and logical. I now have a much deeper understanding of many important concepts and some new concepts – Ancestor’s patterns/ discordant soul aspects – are valuable to me. Through Alice’s demonstrations and practice with classmates, I have become more able to conduct spiritual healing.”


“Everything was well balanced and at a good relaxed pace.”

CC – SuperConnect2

“I really enjoy Linda’s classes. The venue is excellent – great calmness and overall lovely feeling. The facilities are excellent and Linda always goes the extra mile.”