Class Descriptions

Dowsing Classes : SuperConnect1

SuperConnect1 helps you understand your intimate connection with the Universe/God and enables you to discover the true nature of your being. This awareness deeply reconnects you and, as you begin to comprehend the magnificence of your soul and the role you are playing, it will bring clarity of mind and greater peace into your life. Working with your superconscious mind empowers you and ultimately enables you to create and sustain better mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

The system uses uniquely designed charts that begin your healing journey through their circular format and softness of colour. Each is tailored towards individual elements within the curriculum and once dowsing skills are mastered, the information provided allows you to tap into your innate wisdom/Universe and to receive clear explanations and guidance on the issues you are facing.

You will learn:

  • To connect to Universal wisdom using a pendulum
  • Who you really are and your role in the structure of the Universe
  • About the magnificence of your soul and your energy bodies
  • To research undischarged energy from other lifetimes
  • About family dynamics and what part your ancestry has to play in your life
  • To help yourself heal and help others to achieve healing on all levels
  • To change your life through forgiveness
  • To have a more abundant life
  • And much more

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Dowsing Classes : SuperConnect2

SuperConnect2 helps you understand the emotional blocks, fundamental beliefs and fear-based energies that are preventing you from creating a more balanced and abundant life for yourself. It offers you insight about childhood and family programming together with clear guidance how to move forward towards a distinctly brighter future.

SuperConnect2 has over 60 charts specifically designed by Linda to give a feeling of lightness and to begin the healing process through the softness of colour. They are easy to work with and as the system is radically simplistic and uses everyday language, it enables all users to understand and convey the information to others with ease.

SuperConnect is love-based and solution-focused. The work is carried out with the purest of intention, that is, “for the best and highest good” of self or client whatever that may be. The system has no fixed rules, nor wrong answers: it just gently leads the practitioner and client towards greater insight and awareness, transmuting fear-based energies into loving responses and offering answers, understanding and guidance.

You will learn:

  • To quickly and easily connect to your superconscious mind/high self using a pendulum
  • To research the programming that is preventing you from finding harmony and balance in your life
  • To remove subconscious memories
  • To find the beliefs that stop you in your tracks
  • To re-programme your belief structure
  • To improve your relationships with others
  • To work with the Universal Laws
  • About archetypes, the roles you play and the scripts you run in life
  • To clear blocks in the body’s systems to create better health and wellbeing
  • And much more

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Dowsing Classes : SuperConnect3

SuperConnect3 is a revolutionary, dynamic and ground breaking 21st century healing system based on Beyond Limits Energy Healing – first developed by SuperConnection’s joint creator, Alice Foehn.  It has over 50 specially designed charts from which the practitioner can accurately discover blocks in the human energy systems. It uses innovative and creative techniques – based on up-to-date scientific and medical research – to bring the body back to harmony and balance. In conjunction with the pendulum work, basic kinesiology tests and specific hands-on procedures are used to ensure that practitioners and clients alike can easily see/feel the physical body’s responses.

Although there are some technical terms, Beyond Limits Energy Healing is easily understood and assimilated and the system can be used immediately by everyone to facilitate healing for themselves, their friends, family or clients.

The class is four days long and amongst other things you will learn:

  • About the human energy system
  • About the meridian system, yin and yang concepts, holistic concepts of TCM body systems including different ways to balance them
  • A method of energy acupuncture healing to clear blocks and balance the physical body
  • In depth knowledge of the Chakra system and ways to balance it including a hands-on healing method
  • An understanding of the autonomic nervous system and ways to balance the system in order to gain good health
  • How to use imaginative healing methods to release accumulated, unwanted energies that are stored in the body in order to recover from mental, emotional and physical disease
  • How to incorporate modern and advanced medical and imaginary techniques to alter physical conditions or addictions
  • A simple and healthy weight loss program, about infertility, how to improve eyesight
  • Useful day-to-day exercises for health improvement

NOTE: SC1 or SC2 are required before taking SC3

Dowsing Classes : SuperConnect4

SuperConnect4 extends and builds on the principles in SC3 and tailors them especially for Cats & Dogs. Attendance of an SC3 class is therefore a pre-requisite of attendance of SC4.  Many new charts have been specifically designed to help you understand your animal’s needs, including how it feels and the reasons for its behaviour.

The class is two days long and amongst other things you will learn:

  • The meridians and chakras of cats and dogs
  • Use of energy acupuncture to clear blocks and balance your animal’s physical body
  • Use of virtual healing methods to release accumulated, unwanted energies stored in your animal’s body in order to help it heal
  • Modern and advanced medical and virtual techniques to help physical conditions
  • How to deal with bereavement

Classes will be added at the request of SC3 students.

NOTE: SC3 is required before taking SC4

Dowsing Classes : SuperConnect5

SuperConnect5 brings together information and expertise from many well-respected sources, presented in a new, easy and simplified format.
A fully-comprehensive handbook together with exciting new charts have been created to compliment those in other SuperConnect modules.
Amongst other things,  you will learn:
  • hands-on energetic bodywork, including some acupressure techniques, and/or dowsing options
  • about bones/muscles/organs/glands/nerves/teeth
  • about myofascial meridians
  • how to clear toxins in the blood/body
  • about blood markers
  • a dowsing approach to Ayurveda
  • how to work energetically with proprietary remedies
Over four days, SC5 will offer another powerful approach to health and well-being and will teach you how to work energetically with many different aspects of the physical body.

NOTE: SC1 or SC2 are required before taking SC5

Dowsing Classes : SuperConnection sponsored classes

The Elohim are the Masters of Form, the builders of substance from energy on behalf of Prime Creator. They are an integral part of the creation team.

E-CAT – a complex ethereal subject – will be presented in a simple, structured way and will look at the actual mechanisms that exist to re- enable self-healing.

  1. The Architecture of Creation.
  2. How to reconnect and tap into our birthright
    healing mechanisms.
  3. Insights into Elohim specialties.
  4. Guided demonstration of the technique and
    practice time.
  5. E-CAT PLUS.

ASCENSION PATHWAY offers a unique opportunity to be guided through the momentous process of one of the most turbulent and confusing epochs of your soul journey. Step by step, you will be gently taken through the Pre-Ascension Stages, the Ascension Portal and the Post-Ascension Integration Process.

As independent working is only possible post-ascension, the basic task of the Ascension Pathway’s precursor, E-CAT, (Elohim-based Computerized Assessment and Treatment) is to demonstrate how to connect with the master engineers of creation, the Elohim, to access the energies that keep us healthy and evolving.

Following 2012-2013, the restrictions of the previous 104,000 year cosmic cycle came to an end and our solar system reconnected with the rest of the galaxy. Huge and beneficial corrections and upgrades are now taking place, including the ability for souls to once again achieve Ascension – a deeply cleansing, and sometimes tiring, process of re-calibration.

The Ascension Pathway will discuss in detail the mechanics of moving on from working with the Elohim – when the time is right – to working independently and efficiently in order to control your own health and further your spiritual advancement.

Full explanations, guidance, charts and reactivation protocols will be provided.

NOTE: Previous dowsing skills are required before taking these classes